Our primary purpose is to help as many people as possible stay sober and healthy in recovery from addiction and mental health disorders. 


Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for individuals in recovery – and leave them feeling good physically, mentally, and spiritually. We make every effort to remove any barriers around getting involved with Fitness in Recovery — this includes financial barriers.  We are primarily supported through our own contributions and outside donations.




Sherrill N

 “The best benefits of all come from growing together in a mutually supportive group – we are all competitive in our own way, but never at one another’s expense.  We encourage one another to “be there”, to perform our best, and to break through into new territory.  The camaraderie is definitely what keeps us coming back.  Of course, the physical benefits are clear – intense, varied and challenging workouts have resulted in amazing expansion of my physical capabilities – I now jump high boxes, jump rope comfortably, and occasionally hit personal bests on erg workouts, all while feeling better and moving better than ever out in the world.  The mental benefits are equally strong – I cruise through the day after our workouts release an explosion of endorphins, but also have the mental benefit of knowing that I can do things I couldn’t do a year ago or two years ago. ”