Where Addiction Recovery and Athleticism Build Strength Together

Addiction has played a significant role in John Breen’s life. As a child, he watched his father struggle and eventually lose his battle to alcoholism. Then, as a young adult, Breen lost his younger sister to medical complications related to addiction. Most recently, in June 2018, his nephew was one of the 4,491 drug-related overdose deaths in Pennsylvania. 

Featured in Penn Medicine
These days it seems nearly every conversation about health and wellness involves some component of exercise. From the already healthy person to those living with chronic conditions, modern sports science is playing a bigger role in wellness than ever before.
Today we take a closer look at the impact and importance that fitness and exercise can have in addiction recovery: it’s not just about activity but also about building a community. Head Trainer, Matt Farrell from Fitness in Recovery shares an intense HIIT Circuit for our Workout of the Week.
Gary Hendler
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